7 Things To Do At 7 AM

After having a baby, my whole life was flipped around. I served in the Navy for 5 years, so I was accustomed to routine, routine, and routine. Everything had a schedule and a time to be accomplished.

When we brought Amelia home, I was determined to get her on a routine so I knew what to expect, and when to expect it. I kept a journal of everything she did and when she did it.

For me, that lasted about a week. I was so exhausted from night time feeds and evening cluster feeding (and being thrown up on) that I felt like my brain just couldn’t function. I eventually began staying in bed until 10 am some days and I felt like my whole day had been wasted.

I decided I needed to get myself into a routine that would mesh with my on-demand parenting style. That meant a VERY flexible routine that included some staple tasks to get done in the morning do I could feel accomplished each day.

Seriously, if I didn’t get at least a handful of these things done first thing in the morning, I would end up laying around watching Fixer Upper all day. (but really, who doesn’t love that?!)

1.  Set an alarm

I set my alarm for 7 am each morning. I didn’t like that I got into the habit of waking up so late in the day. Two hours earlier may not seem like a lot to some people, but that is enough time to knock out most of my morning tasks in this list.

If my daughter wakes up between 5:30 and 7 am, I will just shut off my alarm and get up for the day. If this is too early for you, you can always take a power nap in the afternoon.

2.   Drink a full glass of cold water

I like to do this because it is just a natural refresher. It will wake you up and replace water lost while sleeping and night time breastfeeding.

3.   Eat Breakfast

It’s the most important meal of the day for a reason, and I don’t mean a cup of coffee and a snack bar. I have three breakfast meals that are so simple to make, and I alternate between them during the week.

  • Cereal and Milk:

Quick, easy and typically fortified with vitamins and minerals to give me the nutrition I need.

  • Peanut Butter Toast, Yogurt, and Fruit:

This breakfast takes a little bit longer to prepare than plain ol’ cereal and milk, but it still fairly quick to prepare. I typically will cut up and apple or banana while toasting bread, then slap on the peanut butter and grab a yogurt from the fridge. Done and done!

  • Eggs, Bacon, and Toast:

Obviously this takes the longest to prepare and I typically only eat this if my husband offers to make it. It is usually consumed in the form of a sandwich with a thick slice of pepper jack cheese. Mmmm!

4.   Brush Your Hair and Teeth

Sometimes the demands of motherhood do not give you time to get pretty every morning. I shoot to get my shower done when Amelia goes down for her late morning nap, but that nap doesn’t always happen, so showers don’t always happen (I told you I was keeping it real). I’m lucky if I get to shower every other day, so I make sure that I brush out my hair, use a little dry shampoo, and put it up so it is out of reach of grabby fingers!

5.   Complete/ Review the Reminder List

Now, this list is essentially a chore list for mommy, but I HATE the word “chore”. Because of this, I made a reminder list and put it on the fridge in the form of a mini dry erase board. My list contains simple reminders as well as a couple tasks to complete throughout my morning.

My reminder list has a few morning necessities as well as some other tasks that I need to accomplish during the week.

These are all tasks that are quickly and easily accomplished in just a few minutes, so I can complete them during Amelia’s independent play time or a short nap, but usually, I just throw her in her Rock N Play and slide her into the kitchen to watch me (she thinks it’s funny when I dance while doing the dishes).

6.   Pick up main living spaces

By the end of the day, my house is a mess! Blankets and pillows from the couch are thrown about, dog, cat and baby toys litter the living room, and about 3 pieces of baby furniture are scattered in each room.

I make it a point to walk around and pick these things up first thing in the morning rather than the evening because evenings are dedicated to family time and evening relaxing.

7.   Meal Planning

I like to have 30 days of dinners planned each month so that I don’t worry about what is going to be for dinner. I don’t typically plan out lunches for each day, but I do make sure there is always something available in the house for each day of the week.

This is not what I mean by meal planning, though. What I mean is I will look at my pre-written menu and figure out what things I need to accomplish in order to make those meals happen. Typically, it is throwing something in the crock pot, or marinating meat for dinner.


I want to hear from you!! What things do you need to get done in the morning to feel accomplished?