How I Organized My Craft Closet on a Budget


What… A… Mess….

Organizing my craft space takes a lot of time, but it doesn’t take a lot of money (Hallelujah!)


I recently had to give up precious space in my already small craft room to accommodate everything that got kicked out of the nursery. This room became a part-time guest space (air mattress only, sorry Mom) and our “office desk”(term is used very loosely here, it’s a table from Ikea) and computer from the other room moved in as well.

In short, my once craft room is now a craft room / office / guest bedroom. In the hustle and bustle of squeezing three spaces into one, things began to pile on top of each other and I ended up throwing all of my sewing things and crafts into the closet of this room.

Seriously, folks, I couldn’t even open the door to get in there! To top is off, my cat, Abby, loves to assist in wreaking havoc of messy spaces. As seen in the picture, she uses my felt quilt board as a scratching post.


My original intentions were to get extra photo boxes and put my U.F.O.’s (Unfinished Objects) in them so I could label them and stack them to the ceiling. Have you seen the prices on those things!? The cheapest I could find them in this little town was $6.99 each!

Thanks, but no thanks. Dollar Store, here I come!

I decided to go to Family Dollar because they have these super awesome totes for only a dollar, which are roughly the same size as a shoe box. I bought 5, seriously. I also got 2 larger totes that were $3 each because there were perfect for storing my quilt tops and pieced backings.

Here are the other methods, of organization, to my madness:

1.       3 Drawer Storage Bins:

I had two of these that I use bought when we moved from San Diego to store fabric, ribbon, and other larger craft supplies like wreath rings, burlap, wood burner and with my new organization scheme, I freed up a drawer to put in my scrappy batting (Does anybody actually use up their scrap batting? If you do, I want to know about it in the comment section!) COST TO ORGANIZE: $0 (typically costs $20 each)

My fabric is kind of jumbled right now, but I am planning to organize it.
2.      Small Storage Bins:

I decided I should probably put away all projects that I wasn’t currently working on, which for me, was pretty much everything. I picked up my unfinished four patch quilt from the quilt board (and floor) and stuck that in a shoe tote. I designated shoe totes for each project or collection of objects; hexies, baby quilt fabric, scraps, ribbon, paints, because I’m OCD like that. As I mentioned before, I already had the colorful shoe boxes, but I think they were on sale 4/$10. I recommend all clear plastic totes! COST TO ORGANIZE: $6 for small plastics, $6 for large plastics

3.      5-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer:

I saw on Pinterest that one quilter used a shoe rack for her batting (I tried, it didn’t fit in my style organizer) so I decided to use(steal from my husband) this brown hanging organizer from our closet (which was not being used) to put away flannels and fleece (of which I have an abundance thanks to Black Friday at Joann’s) I folded the fleece pieces up and put those on the bottom, then worked my way up storing minky, flannel, and other miscellaneous large cuts of fabric. I also stuffed my hoops in the top shelf, as you can see in the picture, but I do have plans for them, but not a better place for storage. COST TO ORGANIZE: FREE! (typically costs $13) 

4.      Clear the Closet Hanging Organizer:

I got this thing as a gift for Christmas a couple years ago, and Oh… my… goodness! I am not sure what I would do without it! It is a two-sided hanging organizer that hangs like it is on an actual hanger. Each side has 16 small pockets and 8 longer tube like pockets This thing stores my presser feet, sewing machine manuals, binding clips, bobbin cases, and precut scraps. It perfectly appeals to my need for everything to have its own place (Thanks, Navy!). COST: Free, but you can get a similar one here for under $10 (I couldn’t find this exact one anywhere online!)

5.   Thread Storage Container:

Now, this little guy I did splurge on. I mean, how could you not want something so perfect to keep your thread neatly tucked away and dust free? Cost: $17

6.   Command Hooks:

For my rulers, gadgets, and mini ironing supplies, I just hang them on the wall with 3M Hooks. These things are fairly inexpensive and I usually find them at The Home Depot in the damaged box clearance for 50% off. I know this isn’t really in my craft closet, but I will likely move them when it is time to paint this room. COST TO ORGANIZE: $5 (typically $8 for 9 hooks if you don’t get them on sale)

Once I got everything organized, it felt so good to know everything had a home! My total project cost was about $33, but if you have nothing but a messy walk in closet, expect to get all of these goods for just under $100. The key here is to use what you already have around the house.

What are your must haves to organize your craft spaces? I want you to tell me in the comment section below!