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Never Wonder What to do on the Weekends Again!

Last weekend, my husband and I got bored and decided to go on a short impromptu road trip. We live in Southern Utah and there are national parks, attractions, and the cutest little farm towns all within a couple hours’ drive. Adam wanted to surprise me with a little town full of antique shops up in the mountains near Bryce Canyon National Park.

Unfortunately, it was a Sunday, and we still aren’t used to everything shutting down on Sunday’s because we moved her from California. The trip wasn’t a complete waste. We got to see a bunch of little farm houses, had lunch at a super cute diner, and even talked to a few of the locals. If we stick around Utah, I know where I want to go after school!

On the way home, this sparked an idea. We live close to a lot of attractions (and I don’t mean theme parks), but we always complain that there is nothing to do. What if we randomly picked a place to visit on days that we don’t have much else to do?

And so, the idea of a travel jar was born! A jar that I can just reach into and pull out where our next adventure is going to be.  The concept is super simple and I will show you how I came up with this design.

These are all of the supplies I used. Oh, and a scissors.

First things first, you need a jar! I was going to use a mason jar, but I decided I wanted something I could fit my hand into. This is a reused Kirkland Mixed Nuts jar that I found stashed in a cupboard a few weeks ago. I didn’t even peel the labels off, and I taped on some leopard print scrapbook paper that was cut to size. Adventurous, right?

Next, I cut up 2 inch by 2 inch squares of paper for each destination. I chose places that we always say, “We should stop by there some day” or “Let’s check this place out before we move again”. I decided to cut a few extra slips, and I will show you what I did with those a little later!

I also decided to add how many miles we were from each place because some trips we were wanting to do over nights and others just for the day (we have dogs, we need to account for these things!) Once I had all my slips, I just folded them twice (No Cheating!) and dropped them in the jar.

Now, about those extra slips! I decided that there I no way, in the time it took for me to make this jar, that I could have thought of every single place we wanted to go. So, I made a little envelope to tape to the side of the jar. I added all my spare slips and wrote a little note to keep it fun. I also decorated a third side with the little reminder, “Life is an Adventure”.

And that is it, folks! It is so simple and it would be a fun project to do with your kids. You could change the slips for more local, kid friendly activities, too!

I want to know what you would write on your slips. Tell me in the comment section below!